Solera Project

The initial Inoculation with ECY bugs.
PhiLambic Solera- Planning Stages: My thought process behind the vessel, wort production etc for the project.

PhiLambic Solera - Brew Day: Brewday for a Decoction mashed Solera Lambic with East Coast Yeast bugs.

PhiLambic Solera: The Half Birthday and the first tasting: A progress report on the Solera project, first tasting notes and gravity reading. And Pellicle photos of course.

PhiLambic Solera: Pull #1, bottling straight: An update on bottling the first pull from the Solera, touching on plans for the top off batch.
3 year old Cascades for the year 2 top off batch.

PhiLambic Solera: Pull #1 tasting: After 13 + months of waiting I taste the first unblended bottle of this project.

PhiLambic Solera Year Two: Top off wort: Brewing the top off wort after packaging the first pull, and some techniques for adjusting the character.

PhiLambic Solera Year Three Pull: Packaging of some unblended year 2 bottling, racking some onto Blueberries and considering changes for year three top off.

PhiLambic Solera Year Three Top Off Wort: A very simple top off wort heading into year three. Nothing glaring to fix other than some nagging ethyl acetate.

Year 2 Pull aging on Organic Blueberries.

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  1. I really love a funky saison and was thinking of doing a brett saison solera in a sanke keg. Any reason why this method wouldn't work for a brett saison?