Recipes for Beer

American Style Beers:

  • Centennial Pale Ale - An aromatic Pale ale with Centennial in a large Whirlpool addition. Split batch between Conan and Chico ale yeasts for comparison.
  • Philly Breakfast Stout- An Imperial Stout brewed with locally roasted coffee, chocolate, and aged in a Dad's Hat Rye Whiskey Barrel.
  • Blazing Wards - My attempt at cloning Modern Times Blazing World. Hoppy. Dank. Amber.
  • HopWards - First try (Batch #1) at a clone of HopHands an aromatic pale ale brewed by Tired Hands Brewing Company in Ardmore Pennsylvania.
  • We Talkin 'Bout Practice - A juicy DIPA hopped heavily with Simcoe, Amarillo, and Citra.
  • Binford Pale Ale: Single Hop Azacca Amber - A collaboration batch with two accomplished local homebrewers using the newly released Azacca hops in an Amber base beer.
  • Riverwards IPA: - An aromatic IPA brewed with wheat and oats, hopped with Citra, Amarillo, and Simcoe. This batch was brewed at a local brewpub. (essentially batch #2 of We Talkin 'Bout Practice).
  • HBC-438 single hopped HopWards - A version of HopWards, hopped exclusively with a new hop varietals available only to homebrewers.
  • Single Hopped Pale Ale with Brooklyn (Renamed Moutere) - A pale ale brewed with Naked Golden Oats single hopped with Moutere (fmr Brooklyn). 
  • NEPA with Thomas Fawcett Malted Oats - A New England Style Pale ale brewed with TF Malted Oats, hopped with the trendiest of hops.

Sour/Funky Beers:

Belgian Style Beers:

  • The Farmer in the Rye - A delicate classic Saison with Rye that advanced to the second round of the 2013 NHC.
  • The Speedy Cyclists - A Nelson Sauvin hopped Saison.
  • Farmhouse Festbier: - A dark Saison with honey and chocolate wheat to cap the mash.
  • Helianthus - Saison brewed with 20% Malted Sunflower seeds.
  • Jah-Rod - A clone of Prairie 'Merica, a Pilsner/Nelson Sauvin Hoppy Farmhouse Ale bottled with Brett.
  • Riverwards 10 - A classic Belgian style Quad brewed with four local brewers, the second beer to age in our Dad's Hat Rye Whiskey Barrel.
  • Hurricane's Barrel Aged Triple - A Tripel brewed with a group of friends aged in Tom's Dad's Hat Rye Whiskey barrel.
  • TYB Beta test: Le Quarte Saisons - A simple Saison split batch with 4 new Saison strains isolated by The Yeast Bay, as well as 4 new Brettanomyces strains used in secondary.
  • FarmWards: Batch #1 of an attempt to clone Tired Hands Brewing Company's flagship Saison "SaisonHands".

English Style Beers:
  • Boat Bitter - A session ESB brewed with a Wyeast Private Collection strain, recipe by Michael Dawson.


  1. Just finished reading your latest post, awesome as all the rest, but I have a favor, can you post somewhere some of the recipes you've done in a row that allow you to reuse your yeast, been wanting to do this for years

    1. I usually mention in the recipe particulars where the yeast came from and what generation I used. But I dont post every single beer I brew, since some are repeats (HopWards, Farmer in Rye etc) that I brew consistently to keep on tap. But I repitch the majority of my beers, unless its a new strain, or new pitch, I am almost always repitching some sort of slurry.

  2. Binford Pale Ale: Single Hop Azacca Amber - A collaboration batch with two accomplished local homebrewers using the newly released Azacca hops in an Amber base beer...thanks for such recipes. This is really biggest collection about recipes for beer.