Thursday, June 9, 2016

NHC (I can't even with this HomebrewCon name yet) Itinerary

I am sitting here at work still on the Thursday that NHC 2016 (HomerewCon) starts super jealous as I see group messages from friends already in Baltimore talking about going to a brewpub, judging the final round entries, wandering around Baltimore, etc. I just have to keep reminding myself that I will be in attendance this afternoon, and I  couldn't be more excited for this years conference. I haven't been to NHC since it was in Philly a few years ago but with Baltimore as the location I am only an easy 2 hour drive away. But this years conference is going to be much different for me than it was in Philly, here are just a few things I will be taking part in/doing over the course of the conference if you want to meet up and chat beer.

      Time: Saturday 9:00 am – 10:00 am 
      Where: rooms 324-326

I have much more things scheduled for this years conference, including being part of the Homebrewer Blogger's Roundtable alongside Marshall of Brulosophy fame, Derek from Five Blades Brewing, and Matt from A Ph. D in Beer. It's going to be a fun, laid back discussion about all things homebrew blogging, from the grind of coming up with topic ideas to dealing with trolls. If you're going to be at the conference please join us on Saturday from 9:00 am – 10:00 am in rooms 324-326. I know, awful time slot being at 9am the day after club night but we won't be hammering you with any scientific stuff so it should be a nice start to your day over a cup of coffee.

Derek, Ed, Marshall, and Matt lookin ready to talk the beers.
      When: Friday 4:15pm 
      Where: Right outside Rooms 318-323 after Jeff Mello's talk on Wild Yeast

I scheduled a little meet up/bottle share where folks from the Facebook group Milk The Funk could get together, share a few funky and sour beers and whatever else happens at these things. Ity should be a good time, I am bringing 3-4 of my own beers to share, but bringing beer is not a requirement as I am sure there will be plenty of folks bringing way too much beer. Join that event group for updates on where we are meeting.

Brulosophy xBmt

With my close proximity to the conference Marshall and I got to talking about a few different xBmt ideas, ones that might be of mutual interest, that I could brew and bring to the conference for some triangle tests. I think we decided on a really hot and controversial topic to take on, and I tasted the beers last night and everything is tasting great. We will be looking for tasters throughout the conference so contact myself or Marshall, or like each of our Facebook pages, for the when and wheres. We might be doing some stuff with James from Basic Brewing and possibly the Brewing Network with this particular xBmt so stay tuned.

Club Night
     When: Friday 7pm?

I will be pouring a keg of a blended Barrel Aged version of my An Ocean Between the Staves at the Philadelphia Homebrew Club booth for club night. I just blended this beer a few nights ago and Im super excited with how its coming out. I guess you could call it a Bier de Coupage, comprised of Batch #2 of An Ocean.., Batch #3 and a fresh hoppy Nelson Sauvin Saison. I hope everyone enjoys it!

If you want to meet up, share a beer, or even yell at me, please feel free to email or contact me through Facebook messenger throughout the weekend. Cheers, and happy Homebrew Con! Fine, I will give into that name.

Here are some photos of the blending session from the other night.

Setting up to blend, samples, scale, notepad and tasting glass.

Hammering out ratios.

Pushing beer via co2 to the blending keg.
I come up with my blending ratios, then blend into the keg based on weight.

The final portion being added in this overexposed photo.

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