Friday, November 13, 2015

Pomegranate Margarita Gose

For your health.
This summer I brewed a handful of Gose and had enough of it to play with some variants on the base beer that I've since dialed in. I had a couple delicious Margarita Gose's from a few homebrewers lately and that brought to mind a Pomegranate margarita I had at a Mexican restaurant way (way) back. With that flavor profile in mind I set out to try to emulate something similar. 

With the base of a Gose the flavor profile is already 90% there, it's dry and tart with a salinity that you might get from a salted rim I just needed to bring the Pomegranate in the right balance. This beer was in the keg so I didn't want to go with whole fruit, plus Pomegranates are kind of spendy. Similar to the use of the juice in my Tart Cherry Suburb-House beer  I picked up some of R.W. Knudsen's Just Pomegranate juice and just racked it into the keg of finished beer. This is another super flavorful juice so I went with the same 64oz per 5 gallon ratio as before. I also added the juice and zest of one Lime to try to bring it closer to the whole Margarita flavor profile. 

I let the keg hang out at room temp (68-72F) for three weeks to allow the juice to re-ferment in the keg. I didn't take a gravity reading after the juice addition, was a blind attempt at carbing with the juice. But it did get the carbonation level pretty close, just needed some additional force carbonation with co2 to finish it off.

Tasting Notes:

Appearance: The addition of the juice didn't make the beer as reddish as I had expected it to but there is a slight pinkish hue to it that doesn't really show in the photo. It's pretty highly carbonated and pours pretty foamy, even as the glass settles down there is a pretty good head that sits on top, never fading like most kettle soured beers. Its pretty hazy, as are a lot of my beers, but with the light pink color, haze, and persistent head it makes for a pretty attractive pour. 

Aroma: The aroma is surprisingly subdued, you get the pomegranate that's for sure and maybe a slight spice but its distant. Pretty much only pomegranate.

Taste: Well, I nailed the Margarita character perfectly and if you've ever had a pomegranate margarita then you pretty much know exactly how this beer taste. It's a little bit surprising at first as the initial sip borders on being a little too salty but then the pomegranate and the sourness hits and cuts it right away. The finish is dry yet fruity with the pomegranate adding complexity but not overwhelming the drink and a nice saline quality that teeters on the edge of being over done. For real though, it's a straight pomegranate margarita and its pretty delicious. Crushable is a word the kids use these days, this fits the bill.

What is interesting is that the base beer was pretty light on the salt flavor wise, but after the refermentation of the juice it came more to the forefront. It is very close to being over done in that department and for some people it has been too much to get past, mainly my wife for whom I brew a lot of these kettle soured beers. She loves the berliners and Gose but not so much the funky sours so these work for both of us. When I do this one again I may forgo the salt in the boil and does it into the keg to taste to ensure Its not overdone, because this really toes the line of being too salty. I dig it though, and I'm really loving these juices.


  1. What is your base Gose recipe? Which lacto did you finally settle on?

    1. Im using the recipe I posted a few months back, with the Lacto Plantarum pills.

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