Friday, April 25, 2014

Tasting Notes: We Talkin 'bout Practice?

When I set out to brew this IPA/DIPA (White IPA?) hoppy wheat beer thingy, I have no clue what to call this, I wanted something that bordered on a tropical fruit juice, minus the acidity I guess. I think I succeeded in some aspects but need some reassessment in other areas. This is certainly a citrusy, tropical, juicy beer, no mistaking that. But the beer doesn't have the zippy finish I was hoping for and lacks some hop complexity. The final gravity was 1.019 which was a lot higher than I really wanted, but the bitterness seemed to cut through that fairly well leaving a silky smooth beer despite a somewhat flabby finish.

I have mentioned it before but with these hoppy beers with Oats (and Wheat) I really need to mash lower to make up for the unfermentables added with the Oats, S04 isnt highly attenuative but there are still some long chain sugars in this beer that need to be broken down more. 

I'll be rebrewing this soon and the changes i'll make are small but should be significant to the final product. First of all I will mash at 148 F, for the drier beer I mentioned, and will be using TYB Vermont Ale (love me some Conan and I've read the AA% increases with the second pitch, and its already working on HopWards Batch #2 as we speak). I plan to leave the hops largely the same but increase the Simcoe to go for pine and hopefully a more complex hop character, the grist will be exactly the same for batch #2. 

We Talkin 'bout Practice?

Light pale, almost burnt orange hue with gold highlights. Two finger white head that leaves a more than moderate lacing on the glass after each sip. Wheat, Oats and hops don't hurt in that department. 

Aromas of orange, peach, mango, many other tropical fruits I can't put my finger on. No real malt presence on the nose, a very very mild resinous background aroma.

Upfront tingly bitterness giving way to huge tropical fruitiness and a smooth full silky mouthfeel. Subtle tingly carbonation on tongue, to style. Finish is sweetness then cut by bitterness leaving a slight pucker at the back of the mouth, the beer starts off better than it finishes.

Could use more hop punch, all the hops meld well together but maybe one should stand out and smack you in the tongue. Overall this is very enjoyable, I am nit picking but it should be drier, and maybe lean heavier on one of the 3 hops it lacks a bit of hop complexity, does it need onion and garlic? Damn it I hate that character when it's aggressive but I understand how it helps in layering hop complexity. But don't expect me to put that bullshit Summit in my beers. I hate oniony beers...burn the Summit fields down.

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