Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Tasting Notes: Blazing Wards

Nelson Sauvin can do no wrong in my book, and I can't use enough of it in my beers. When it came time to dry hop Blazing Wards, my Blazing Worlds clone, I was drowning in Nelson Sauvin flavors and aromas from Jah-Rod, and wanting more. So I modified the dry hop on this beer a little bit, the amounts are documented in the recipe post, and went very heavy on the Nelson. For my tastes I got what I wanted with that audible, but as far as cloning Blazing Worlds it was a turn in a different direction. Cloning beers is more about finding an inspiration to start from and hopefully growing it into something to call your own. I love Blazing Worlds but beer is subjective and everyones tastes are different so you brew to your own tastes. Not to say my version here is better than Blazing Worlds but its an interesting take on a hopped up amber ale.

Blazing Wards:

Appearance: A rich deep copper color, off white head that lasts well through the glass leaving significant lacing. Moderate carbonation running up the glass, a slight haze most likely from the dry hops.

Aroma: Passionfruit, white grapes, faint biscuit malt character in the background, no pine or dankness, all fruit.

Flavor: Dry with a nice sharp hop bit up front, tropical fruits that give way to some malt sweetness then finishes dry and a touch bitter. Its an interesting flavor ride of flavors from bitterness to tropical fruit with a supporting biscuit finish and dry.

Overall: This is a really nice hoppy Amber, I don't think its a spitting image of Blazing Worlds but it is in the same vein. If I wanted to stay in line with the original I would have used more Simcoe in the dry hop to balance out the fruitiness of the Nelson, or to amp up the Piney dankness. Overall, its a very nice beer that seems to go well with the cold wether we are still climbing out of here. Some warm biscuit malts with a tropical note to remind you spring is coming, at least I hope so.

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