Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Tasting Notes: Jah-Rod

I had some high expectations before I even got around to brewing Jah-Rod. I suppose its due to my love for Prairie 'Merica, for which this beer is a clone of, and since Shawn from Meek Brewing was so pleased with his version, I expected the same satisfaction from my attempt. But realistically I thought that it would take a few batches to dial things in a little bit, although it still may need some tweaking this beer exceeded my expectations right out of the gate. 

Enough tooting my own horn, here are some tasting notes, first are mine and the second are tasting notes from a friend I gave a bottle to. I didn't expect such a thorough glowing review of the beer, especially when I ask people to judge my beers as they would a commercial beer and ignore the fact that its considered homebrew.

Appearance: The beer pours a hazy golden straw color with an orange hue, moderate carbonation shooting up from the bottom of the glass can be seen through the haze. There is a 
with a white pillowy one finger head that leaves nice lacing on the glass after every sip.

Aroma: Notes of white wine, tropical fruits, a slight sticky dankness. Faint Belgian esters in the background, some coriander and pepper in the aroma as well.

Flavor: Citrus upfront, then a sharp bitterness right on the front of the tongue accentuated by the dryness of the beer giving way to peppery spice notes. The finish leaves you with some tropical fruit, tangerine, passion fruit. A touch of tartness and dry, dry, dry like white wine in the finish.

OverallIf you read this blog its no secret that I am a Saison fan, and I love the classic versions of the style, but this beer pairs the classic Saison characteristics with a bright pungent hop profile that really ties it all together for me. A more modern take on the style if you will. I am already itching to rebrew this and I haven't even gotten to try the Brett variant yet.  With another significant snow storm on the horizon for Philly I can't help but imagine drinking a growler of this beer on the beach this summer. Fret not, there will be plenty of this beer on tap come the warmer months.

Here is the review by a friend of mine for some unbiased tasting notes.

AppearanceJah-Rod is a quintessential example of the Saison/Farmhouse ale. The brew pours a muted strawlike yellow with substantial haze. The Saison produces a solid two fingers of foam upon the initial pour and demonstrates great retention of an ample cap throughout the drinking process with ample amounts of lacing. The appearance of this beer is a textbook Saison.

AromaThe aroma contains a depth and complexity with an initial citrus tartness which is accompanied by earthy and floral notes.FlavorThe flavor profile is light, zesty, with a bit of a funky backbone. The profile has a tartness that becomes more prominent toward the finish. Medium-bodied, with aggressive carbonation gives impression of a light drinking sessionable beer.OverallI would place this Saison among well known stalwarts such as Sofie or Hennepin.


  1. This sounds brilliant! You and Shawn have added another beer to my already way too long list of 'beers I want to brew tomorrow'.