Saturday, October 26, 2013

Tasting Notes: Boat Bitter

Well that didn't last long, it's been 6 weeks from the Boat Bitter brew day and all 10 gallons are gone (save for a 4 pack I Beergun'ed). Now, I didn't drink my way through 4 cases of beer in a month and a half, a keg each were poured at a friends wedding and my block party. At each event I got some great feedback, comments like "very session-able , "nutty, and malty", and my favorite "Reminds me of Cask Ale from when I was in London". 

Fining with Gelatin results in some crystal clear beer.

I don't brew for events terribly often, maybe 2-4 times per year, but I really enjoy sharing my beer with people and talking about it a bit. Even after just one batch I think this will be a staple I bring to events along with my FitR, depending on the crowd. 

Tasting Notes:

Appearance: Light copper in color, fluffy white head that dissipates to about half a finger and lingers there throughout the glass. Moderate lacing on the glass. No noticeable carbonation bubble, looks to be very soft carb. Great clarity.

Aroma: Some fruity esters on the nose, no noticeable hop aroma, earthy, malty and nutty.

Taste: Soft carbonation, to style. Light bodied beer that starts with a smooth mouthfeel, low bitterness but balances the malt really well in the middle of the mouth. Finish is all malt, nutty, biscuity. The malt is more prevalent as it warms, certainly has that cask conditioned feel to it.

Overall: I am really happy with this beer, it's easy drinking, light but complex despite it's subtlety. Next batch I would like to up the bitterness just a little bit but the beer is balanced well but leans slightly to the malt. I would love to get this in a Firkin for an event at some point.

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