Friday, September 13, 2013

Tasting Notes: Supermoose of Norway

Ive been drinking this beer for a while now, I probably only have a glass a week but mostly because I have 4 Saisons on tap at the moment that I am enjoying. My wife has really enjoyed it however, and she is not a huge beer fan in general, I think its the refreshing tartness and especially the low alcohol that has her enjoying it. Just one of these 6oz taster glasses with a salad is really a good pairing.

I documented my process in the brew day post for this beer, but after trying the Bruery's Hottenroth Berliner I was amazed that they were able to maintain a bit of a malt complexity that I had never noticed in the style. It was a bit grainy, kind of toasty with a bit more body then I would have expected, it was fantastic. So I set out to figure out how to get that character, with some experience with the style I tweaked my process from previous batches in hopes of dialing in a good recipe/technique.

Appearance: Whitish yellow in color, high carbonation with rapid bubbles almost Champagne like, thin white head that dissipates but not nearly as quickly as most Berliners I have had. I have a feeling this is due to Conan. Crystal clear at this point, bordering on brilliant clarity.

Aroma: Is of lactic sourness, a bit of green apples, no malt aromas or yeasty esters really just all lactic on the nose.

Taste: Medium body, high carbonation, a nice tartness on the tongue that lingers for a moment after you take a sip. The acidity/tartness is right in line with what I was going for, its upfront and apparent but is'nt overpowering. The beer doesn't appear as dry as it ended up (FG 1.007). The presence of wheat is somewhat low, there is a slight graininess in the middle of the mouth that shows up more as the beer warms. I get a bit of an apple juice thing going on, which is something I am not loving. Its probably just my interpretation as nobody has mentioned it to me but for me its out of place.

Overall: It is tart and refreshing, which is what I am ultimately going for but I think as a whole it missed the mark. It's a good beer but the recipe needs work needs to be a little more more memorable. It should show the dryness more, I thought Conan would help in this beer but it left a little more body then I had desired. In this version I used no hops, I believe it helped in ensuring that the beer was tart but I wonder if a small bit of hops in the decoction wouldn't help with some complexity. 

The next batch, which will be in a few weeks once this keg gets light, I plan to make a few changes to this existing recipe. A few minor changes I plan to make will be adding ~1/2oz of noble hops to the decoction, using a more neutral american strain like WLP001 and increasing the percentage of Wheat closer to 50%. I am tempted to add Brett Claussenii to the next batch but I'll keep with the 3 minor changes for now. I am determined to dial in a recipe for this style.


  1. What exactly are you hoping to change in future batches? Just more dryness, mainly?

    1. Yea more dryness, and more complexity all around. It finishes like Apple Juice, and thats something I would like to get rid of as well but not sure how. I may add a 2nd decoction, or maybe boil the decoction for longer to hopefully get some color and more grainy-ness. I'm even considering using 6-row instead of Pilsner, or at least a portion of the grist 6-row.

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