Wednesday, June 5, 2013

A Weekend in Brussels pt. 1

This winter about 12 of us took a trip to Brussels Belgium for a bachelor party, some folks including myself only went for 3 days and only in Brussels, some others did travelling before and after. A lot of travelling for not a lot of vacation I know.

So to the trip, our flight was 6pm on a Thursday afternoon so some of us met at a local bar in Philly to have a drink and meet up to catch our ride to the airport. The idea was sleep the whole flight, land in Brux friday am and be ready to go, a few Bacardi and Coke on the flight which did the trick (no decent beer on the flight unfortunately and I wasnt buying).

We reserved a shuttle that could take all 12 of us to our airport, the driver was really rude and wanted to leave without one of our guys but we told him to relax and wait. Traffic sucked and I was tired but we made it to the Marriott across from the Bourse, grabbed Mcdonalds breakfast and cans of Jupiler (a crappy local beer) and were ready to go. It was Friday at 9am but we were ready to have some beers. So out of our group of 12 I would say 4 really care about beer and appreciated some of what we were about to experience. I had a guide that was written by Tom Peters from Monks Cafe in Philadelphia on places to go so I wanted to stick to the list but knew that would be difficult.

From our hotel the walk to the Grand Place was all of 2 blocks so that was the first destination. The square is really cool, awesome architecture and history, but where is the beer its 0 degrees C?!

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So we duck into the first bar we see on the Grand Place, I don't recall the name, we all just needed a beer. Pretty cool joint, old building with very nice woodwork, but the bartender/waiter treated us like idiots and asked Blonde or Brune? I wanted a menu, but he kept repeating "Blonde or Brune?" I said Brune. So he gave us all Grimbergen, Blonde or Brune, it was pedestrian, but a step up from Jupiler for sure.

One beer there and the waiter was yelling at us already, might be a long trip. Just a block away is the Mannekin Pis, this thing is hilarious, its like 12" tall and everyone goes to see this pissing boy.

Its kind of goofy but you gotta go see it, the pissing boy is on the left, on the right is the Poechenellekelder which was on my list of places to go, in we went for a beer..

Maybe a Westy 12?

The decor in this place is a hodge podge of nick nacks and Brewriana, puppets and cases of beer hanging from the ceiling made for a lot to take in. A pretty cool place, just what I was looking for.

Decided to start off with a classic, Saison Dupont.

Followed by one of my all time faves.

Not funky enough, give me a Drie Fonteinen Oude Geuze. Fantastic as always.

At this point, we have only been in Brux for about 5 hours but its been great. Next post, the walk to Brasserie Cantillon....  

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